Now I Ain' Sayin' She's a Gold Digger

I fixed the link on the previous entry. Ending quotes in links are nothing to sneeze at.

In other news...I FELL ASLEEP BEFORE I GOT TO SEE FLAVOR OF LOVE LAST NIGHT. I don't know who stayed and who is gone...wait a minute...I can watch it online. Yeah, that's sweet. Okay, so it's not the whole episode, apparently I have to wait until Tuesday evening for that, but let me say this. FLAV, What the hell were you thinking?!?!?! New York is just horrid. I can not believe you got rid of Goldie! I guess even if you are BUTT UGLY if you have MUCHO DINERO you will get you any money hungry hottie in ear shot of shuffling dollar bills. Hottie and Smiley show that gold diggers come fat, dumb and fake or gorgeous, emotional and fake.

emmalene at 17:07

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